Working Table

The sphere of our research interests includes the study of contemporary artistic and activist practices from transfeminist decolonial positioning, with an emphasis on epistemic and visual critique of global capitalism, modernity/coloniality and Eurocentric knowledge.

As former Eastern Europeans, from former Yugoslavia, who still inhabit this symbolic East because of a reiterated reproduction of differences between the East and the West of Europe, we understand our position through a constant state of transition, dwelling in the border,  with our work located in a liminal space that necessarily brings together race, gender, class, sexuality, colonialism and capitalism, inseparably, in a shared, intersectional and transversal analytics.

With Research Room we hope to bring our own contribution and offer research assistance that could be useful to other artists and researchers in their own working process. This includes a wide range of work: from simple consultation or bibliographical reference to providing detailed information and in-depth bibliography; from a general feedback to a thorough assistance in proposal-structuring, research-editing, material-managing, theoretical and contextual framing and critical elaboration of the projects.